Disability Lawyer Chris L. Gore

Disability Lawyer Chris L. Gore

A Disability Lawyer with Experience

For almost twenty years, Disability Lawyer Chris L. Gore has represented people with Social Security Disability Claims, Workers’ Compensation Claims, and Personal Injury Claims.  Over the last several years as a lawyer, Chris has focused almost exclusively on representing Social Security Disability Claimants.  Occasionally, Attorney Gore takes a non-social security disability related case to stay sharp with other areas of the law.   Over the years, Chris has found that there are a number of non-social security cases that can have a dramatic effect on someone’s benefits.   The old saying, “You can’t live in a bubble”  is true, especially when it comes to Social Security Disability cases and the law.  Click HERE for a Disability Case Evaluation.

A Disability Lawyer with Commitment

Chris is an active member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR) and the National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR), the Illinois State Bar Association ( ISBA), and the local Franklin County Bar Association (FCBA).  In fact, all are attorney organizations that Social Security Disability lawyers should be a member of in my opinion.  Chris has served eight years on his local school board six of which he was president of the board.  Chris spent several years  as a member of the Sesser Area Chamber of Commerce and several years as president.  I explain these memberships not to be boastful, but rather to demonstrate how dedicated I have been to these organizations I have been apart of over the years.  I have always been steadfast in my desire to help my family, my community, and my clients.  As a lawyer, I feel I have an increased sense of responsibility to be committed to God, my family, my community, and my clients.  Click HERE for a Disability Case Evaluation.

A Disability Lawyer with Dedication

Chris has lived in Franklin County practically all his life.  Most people don’t know that he moved 22 times before age 17 and never left Franklin County.  He has lived in Benton, Ewing, Whittington, Christopher, Buckner, Mulkeytown, Sesser, and more before age 17.  I originally moved to Benton, Illinois at age one. After high school  I attended Rend Lake College, in Ina, Illinois and received my Associates of Science in 1991.  I first moved away to  Carbondale, Illinois to attend SIU.  After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Management in 1993 I moved again to central Illinois, then to Kansas before returning to Southern Illinois.  I decided to attend SIU School of Law, in Carbondale, Illinois receiving my Juris Doctorate in May of 2000. While I never had any intentions of becoming a lawyer until I was older,  once I graduated from law school, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer who worked for themselves in my community.  I started my law practice soon out of law school representing injured clients.  I briefly worked as an assistant state’s attorney, but left that job to pursue my passion, representing injured and disabled clients.  Several years into my practice, I purchased the law practice next to me, from the Estate of Gary J. Szczeblewski after Mr. Szczeblewski passed away.  I am forever grateful to Gary for his advice and guidance when it came to representing disabled clients. We shared a common dedication to providing clients with as much information as necessary to be able to understand the  process.  Understanding the information of any case was the basis for winning every case.  Click HERE to share information necessary  for an initial Disability Lawyer Evaluation.

Personal Note from Chris:  I enjoy spending most of my time with my family when not working.   I have always done my best to be committed to God, my family, my clients, and my community.  I have been married for 25 years and was blessed with three children.  We enjoy family vacations together but always look forward to coming back to Southern Illinois.

Disability Lawyer Chris L. Gore
Disability Lawyer Chris L. Gore
Social Security Disability Lawyer