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If you are looking for a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) lawyer there are a few things you should know about SSI. Besides the income and asset guidelines to receive SSI, you must meet the medical rules just like you do with an insured disability (DIB, SSD, RSDI) claim. With SSI, if you have been found disabled your benefits may be payable in three ways.
First, if you haven’t worked at least five years out of the last ten years (doesn’t have to be consecutive) you most likely would be filing a Title XVI (SSI) claim because you won’t be eligible for an insured benefit.  In addition, your children would not draw a benefit because you are insured. An SSI lawyer will review your earnings record and verify your date last insured for benefits (DLI) to verify you are receiving the proper credit for earnings.
The second scenario occurs where you have an insured benefit that is less than the max SSI benefit. You would receive your insured benefit plus a partial SSI payment to get your benefit to the SSI maximum.   You would only get the extra amount in SSI if you meet the income and asset guidelines.

The last scenario covers the first five months of disability. Insured benefits are NOT paid for the first five months of disability. During that five months you can draw up to the max SSI if you meet the income and asset guidelines.
Most SSI lawyers that represent adults in social security disability cases also represent children. A parent or legal guardian would would file an application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) on behalf of the child. A child SSI lawyer will first review parent income and resource information to ensure benefits would be forthcoming if the child is found disabled.  Stay tuned for benefit types that children may be eligible for at different times in their lives.  Income guidelines are established each year by the Social Security Administration (SSA).  For a free Disability Case Evaluation click HERE.

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Social Security Disability Lawyer